Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hillary Clinton Lied

Hillary Clinton Lied

True words from a fellow Patriot! Hillary Clinton is Dangerous!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Presidential Polls Showing Insight Into Democratic Rhetoric

Poll Results - Americans Starting to See Through Dem Politics
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A friend shared the following info:
Here are results from two polls released this evening that I can pretty much guarantee will not be reported by any mainstream media news organization:
First, from the FNC/Opinion Dynamics poll, respondents were asked:
Read on . . .
Who do you trust more to decide when US troops should leave Iraq -- US military commanders or members of Congress?
Military Commanders 59%Members of Congress 18%
The breakdown by party affiliation is most revealing:
DemocratsMilitary Commanders 52%Members of Congress 30%
RepublicansMilitary Commanders 88%Members of Congress 7%
IndependentsMilitary Commanders 69%Members of Congress 15%
In another question, respondents to the poll were asked...
Last week the U.S. House voted to remove U.S. troops from Iraq by no later than September 2008 -- Would you describe this as a correct and good decision or a dangerous and bad decision?
Correct and Good 44%Dangerous and Bad 45%
Once again, the party breakdown is quite telling:
DemocratsCorrect and Good 62%Dangerous and Bad 26%
RepublicansCorrect and Good 24%Dangerous and Bad 57%
IndependentsCorrect and Good 40%Dangerous and Bad 50%
In both of these questions, Independents overwhelmingly side with Republicans over Democrats.
Time Magazine released a poll tonight in which one of the questionsasked:
Which one of the following plans for US policy in Iraq comes closest to your own position?
Withdraw all troops from Iraq in the next 12 months or so whatever happens in Iraq 32%
Set sliding deadlines for withdrawing most US combat troops by August 31, 2008, with the withdrawal schedule depending on the Iraqi government's progress in training its forces and bringing stability to Iraq 36%
Keep US troops in Iraq as long as needed until the Iraqis can handle the situation themselves 28%
Despite the best efforts of Time to characterize those who favor the setting of a sliding deadline as distinct from those who support keeping troops in Iraq as long as necessary, in effect, nearly 2/3 of the American people today (64 percent) are advocating a conditions-based withdrawal; conversely, opposing an arbitrary deadline predicated in retreat and surrender.
Tim Russert, George Stephanopolous, Bob Schieffer...prove me wrong. Feel free to express astonishment and shock as you report these poll results that run in such stark contrast to the blatantly distorted narrative you've been desperately seeking to embed in the heads of your viewers the past four years.
Here's an unrelated, thinly-veiled poll question of which I surmise Fox News haters will be less than thrilled to see the findings, especially amongst the crucial registered Independent voters:
If a political party agrees to participate in debates hosted by one television network but refuses to do debates hosted by another network, do you think it is fair to say the party is picking the network it believes is more aligned with its views and so would ask easier questions during the debate?
Yes 66%No 21%
DemocratsYes 61%No 25%
RepublicansYes 69%No 19%
IndependentsYes 72%No 14% may have won a battle in Nevada, but it probably cost them the war in seeking to discredit Fox News.

California Cogressman for Giuliani

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California Congressman George Radanovich Endorses Rudy Giuliani

The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee announced today that Congressman George Radanovich is supporting Mayor Giuliani for President. Congressman Radanovich’s support is just the latest in a growing list of California endorsements which includes fellow Congressional members Mary Bono, David Dreier, Jerry Lewis, Devin Nunes, and Ed Royce.
“We need a proven leader with an optimistic vision who can unite our party and our country,” said Congressman George Radanovich. “Rudy Giuliani is an experienced, decisive leader who will use the same conservative principles that led to New York City’s revitalization to tackle the difficult issues our country faces today.”
“I welcome Congressman Radanovich’s support and look forward to working together to grow our California team,” Mayor Giuliani said.

Giuliani Gets PA Endorsement

Middlesex GOP backs Guiliani, picks slates for state, county offices
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani got 67 percent of the vote today in a straw poll of 14 potential Republican presidential candidates conducted by the Middlesex County Republican Organization.

Rudy Guiliani got 151 votes from ballots cast by 224 GOP party workers and officials who gathered in Edison for the annual convention to decide who gets the party line in the June primary.
County Chairman Joseph Leo said the straw poll was an attempt to gauge the party’s preference in next year’s presidential campaign. U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) placed second with 22 votes and Massachusettes Gov. Mitt Romney was third with 14 votes. The other candidates each got a handful of votes.

Giuliani vs Hillary Poll

Presidential Poll:

A - Giuliani / Thompson
B - Rodham-Clinton / Edwards
C - Obama / Richardson

Giuliani Fundraising Start

Campaign Cash: Romney, Giuliani
By David D. Kirkpatrick
Former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York announced this morning that they had raised eye-popping sums in the first quarter of the Republican presidential primary race — more than $20 million for Mr. Romney and $15 million for Mr. Giuliani.
Their announcements make clear that enough money is already flooding into the 2008 presidential election to make it by far the most expensive race in history. For the first time since the Watergate-era adoption of presidential public financing, all the leading candidates are taking steps to rely solely on private donors, raising and spending as much as they can without limit.
The two Republicans’ tallies follow announcements by Democrats just a day before. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign said it raised $26 million. Former Senator John Edwards’s campaign said it raised more than $14 million. Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico raised $6 million. Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut raised $4 million. Senator Joe Biden of Delaware raised $3 million.
Still silent on the subject are two top contenders: Senator Barack Obama of Illinois among the Democrats, and Senator John McCain of Arizona among the Republicans. In the political stagecraft of such announcements, waiting may be a sign that they hope to maximize attention for stronger than expected results rather then getting lumped into a parade of first quarter numbers.In truth, the precise sum each top candidate raises is unlikely to decide the nominations. All will have enough to compete for attention.
But the parade of big numbers from Mr. Romney and others may diminish the sense of an unstoppable advantage that Mrs. Clinton’s campaign had hoped to create with her record-breaking $26 million.
Mr. Romney, who made a fortune in finance and consulting, is not far behind her even without her advantages: greater national name recognition, a network of donors she inherited from her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and his personal help on the fundraising circuit.
Taken together, the top four candidates who have announced fundraising results so far have brought in a total of $75 million in the first quarter— a number that not long ago might have been the total raised by all the candidates over the course of the primaries.

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570KVI - - KVI-Blog

570KVI - - KVI-Blog

Great Political information resource here. I see they d by theneabout my friend who was recently banned by the NY Times simply for owning